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No Mas Cantina

180 Walker St. SW, Atlanta, GA, 30313
(404) 574-5678

Created by felicia

Restaurant Details
$$ ($15 - $30)
Kid Friendly, Fun, Romantic, Business
Not Required
8 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday
8 a.m.- 11 p.m. Friday & Saturday. Breakfast 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. every day. Lunch: 11 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Brunch: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday & Sunday.
Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express
Location & Nearby Info
No Mas Cantina
180 Walker St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 574-5678
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Reviews & Comments
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(no rating) Apr 27, 2009 - accessAtlanta - Bob Townsend for accessAtlanta

Food really isn’t the strong suit at No Mas Cantina, a fancied-up Mexican bar and restaurant in Castleberry Hill. Which is not to say that a body can’t find sustenance here--chips and salsa, fajitas, sugarcane skewered shrimp--along with something cold to drink. It’s just that the exotic atmosphere--with trickling fountains and glowing glass lanterns--promises something like you might find at a colonial hacienda in Central Mexico, while the menu delivers a few too many bland reminders of casual dining at the mall.

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(no rating) May 02, 2010 - rnw579

I received a recommendation from a friend of mine to try No Mas. I went to their website and the dishes looked good, and the descriptions were enticing. The prices were reasonable and comparable to that of any Mexican restaurant, and I had read some good reviews about it. I love Mexican food. I am from Southern California and I get home sick everytime I crave a really good burrito or salsa verde or carne asada! Whenever somebody asks me," Do you get homesick? I always jokingly respond by saying," I miss my parents and the Mexican food and that's about it!!!" So, I was really excited about trying this restaurant. No Mas is one of the most beautiful restaurants that I have ever visited. It's too bad that you do not go to a restaurant just to look around; otherwise, No Mas would get a return visit from me! Before I recount the details of my visit, I would like to say "thanks" to those of you who chose to submit a review, claiming that you were "from California" or "love Mexican food' etc. I have found that normally, you can trust the word of a Californian when it comes to validating a Mexican food restaurant. But not this time!!!! You so- called Californians caused me to WASTE 20 on a meal that I could've perpared- BETTER- at home! When you said that you were from California, were you referring to the state of California? Or did you actually mean to say that you used to live on Calfornia Street in some rural community where they do not have any Mexican restaurants and no exposure to Mexican people, much less food? And when you said,"I love Mexican food" were you perhaps alluding to your experiences at Taco Bell? You could not possibly have any real experience with good Mexican food and then rave about this place! As far as service, I have had worse, and our waiter was not rude; but, we had to ask other waiters for assistance in capturing his attention from the time that we placed our drink orders up to the end when we were waiting for our checks. As if he had not been slow and inattentive enough, he specifically asked us," Do you want one check or separate checks?" My friend and I both said (in unison) "separate". He brought us one check. It took us another 5 minutes to get his attention to ask him to bring separate checks to which the dense fellow said," Oh, I thought you wanted one check." Under normal circumstances, slow and inattentive service does not bother me- as long as you are not down right rude, I am satisfied. But when you just got through struggling to finish a meal (not because the portions are too big to finish; but because the food is so bad that you have to keep reminding yourself "I don't like to waste food and money I don't like to waste food and money..." just to get through the meal) your tolerance for everything else dissipates. Aside from the bad food, and mediocre service there is a charge for valet parking. This normally does not bother me; however, there is a disclaimer printed on the sign that says something to the effect of "our valets rely on gratuity..." So why are you charging me to park my car when I am already patronizing your restaurant? After WASTING money on a bad dinner, the last thing that I was in the mood to do was tip every person in my path. You already ripped me off on my meal! I had the ensalada de gringos with beans. I could've spent 6 dollars for a steak tostada bowl at El Pollo Locco and been much more satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save your money and do not eat here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could get a refund. Dining at No Mas is reminiscent of the disappointment of a bad sexual experience. We've all been there. You listen to a guy tell you about all the wonderful things he can and will do to you, the excitement builds up, the chemistry is awesome.....Then he takes off his underwear to reveal a small penis and is done in minutes...... and you're left lying beside him unsatisfied and thinking,"I can't believe I wasted time shaving my legs for this!!!!!!!!!!"

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